We empower families with the knowledge and tools they need to create the best possible educational decisions for their children.

We provide clarity, understanding, and support to every family we serve, driven by our commitment to excellence.

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Jennifer Hyde Sachs

Founder of hyde education

Well-known education expert with 32 years of experience in Chinese and American education, who has nurtured tens of thousands of students of all ages, and mother of three biracial sons.

has participated in the planning and establishment of bilingual and international schools in multiple provinces and cities in China, and has trained nearly ten thousand teachers of all kinds.

Maintain close connections with top American universities and boarding schools, and are regularly invited to visit.

Served many well-known entrepreneurs and successful politicians and businessmen, providing customized international education plans for thousands of Chinese families with a 100% success rate. They communicate fluently in Chinese and have authored the book "The Road to Top American High Schools".

U.S. Team

Jeffrey R. Quebec

  • Top-tier U.S. College Application Consultant with years of insider experience.
  • 26 years’ experience in junior and secondary schools including 22 years at Eaglebrook School and 4 in Cushing Academy.
  • Highly qualified counselor with degrees from Syracuse and Boston University, and a Ph.D. from Northeastern University.

Jean Jones

  • Concord Academy alumnus holding a B.A. from Wesleyan and M.A. from Yale University.
  • 40 years' firsthand experience in China, having lived and worked there from 1980 to 2019.
  • Former Executive Principal of the International Beijing Montessori International School.
  • Co-founder of the pioneering New England Innovation Academy in Massachusetts, USA.

China Team

Alice Wang

  • Two decades of experience living and working in Beijing.
  • Exceptional educator proficient in mentoring students across all age groups.
  • Credentialed as a former member of the Astrophysics Group in Ireland.
  • M.A. in Educational Leadership from University of Nottingham
  • Executive Principal of a renowned bilingual school in Beijing.

Gerard Clyne

Ricky Zhang

  • Serves as Director of the Wisconsin Elite High School Alliance in China
  • Certified IACA International Career Planning Counselor.
  • Chinese Representative for University of Massachusetts and the University of Delaware.
  • Worked with over 800 students pursuing American high school education, both within China and internationally.
  • U.S. study abroad application specialist with comprehensive expertise.
  • M.A. in Education from the Ivy League school - University of Pennsylvania.
  • Contributed to the crafting of TOEFL exam questions at ETS Princeton, ensuring an inside edge in exam preparation.
  • Alumni interviewer for the University of Pennsylvania, offering firsthand insights into the interview process.
  • Former lecturer for the Penn-PCCW International Young Scholars Program.
  • College Board certified as an AP program manager, USA.



Hyde Education Founder Jennifer Sachs began her journey in China, working with students ranging from university level to kindergarten age.


The Learning Center (TLC Center), the first professional English education center in Beijing, was established by Jennifer.


Hyde Education was formally established, building on the foundation of its original learning center. It established a full range of K-12 and undergraduate/graduate education services to achieve seamless integration between Chinese and American education.


Hyde Education operated Hyde Academy Bilingual School (Hyde Jinghua) for students in grades 1 through 12.


Hyde Education integrated and upgraded all business lines, launched its concierge education service, and expanded its overseas advisory services for American middle and high school education as well as undergraduate admissions. Today, Hyde Education continues its mission to empower families with knowledge and support to achieve their full potential.


Hyde Education established its subsidiary in the United States.


  • Extensive experience applying to top US schools
  • More than 2000 students have applied for the service
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  • More than 30 years spent building connections and ties to schools and admissions teams
  • Dozens of experts from schools and universities across North America
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  • Personalized consulting services
  • Only 40 families enrolled with us each year
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  • Continuous growth tracking system across all grades
  • K12+ education services and support

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plan your academic future early

Start Ahead with our K12 Educational Planning Services.

  • Take advantage of our understanding of Chinese and American education systems as we remove barriers for students aspiring to study abroad.
  • Witness your child's growth across Cultural, Academic, Social, and Emotional domains with our clear guidelines priming them for a smooth transition to U.S. junior and secondary schools.
  • Benefit from our extensive connections with boarding schools across the U.S., granting you insider knowledge of the expectations and experiences your child will encounter.

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Embark on your next chapter

Experience the thrill of studving abroad through our School Placement Services

  • Step into your educational journey with confidence as we guide you through the process of choosing and applying to your ideal school.
  • Overcome obstacles with our expert guidance, tailored to your child's unique application challenges.
  • Optimize your application essays with our customized services, finely tuned to meet the exacting standards of top-tier U.S. schools.
  • Stay on top of your application progress with our real-time tracking, paired with our step-by-step guidance.
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Enter university life with confidence

Allow our experts to guide you through our College Admissions Counseling

  • Experience personalized undergraduate admissions support to American universities, tailored to each student's college admission goals and unique personalities, academic abilities, and personal interests.
  • Secure full support to boost your child's GPA and sustain consistent academic growth.
  • Unlock your child's true potential and foster essential skills under our expert guidance.
  • Alleviate your concerns with our professional assistance in managing social, emotional, and parent-child relationships throughout your academic journey.
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e strive to provide individualized academic, social, emotional, and cultural support to a small number of students each academic year, guiding families through the application process to U.S. junior and high school programs.



of action that matches their particular objectives and works with a dedicated admissions support team that supports them before, during, and after the admissions process.

very family receives

a personalized plan




Academic success








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As a parent of a 7-year-old "Hyde student" who is also a top-level athlete, I truly appreciate how Hyde understands the demands of intense training and competition while considering the nature of young children. They provided a flexible and systematic academic learning plan that took into account my child's holistic development.

I truly believe that we are one big family. Whenever I meet with Hyde's team, I can feel they are sincerely supporting me.


Ms.Nao, P.G2



As a parent, I believe that Hyde possesses a powerful educational philosophy. Their comprehensive system, C.A.S.E. (Cultural, Academic, Social, and Emotional development), is integrated throughout their services, perfectly addressing the expression and understanding of values between Chinese families and American schools.

This provides our children with a holistic education and precise application services, ultimately helping them achieve a future that surpasses their goals.


Ms.Li, P.G6

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We came to know Hyde through the high school application process, but it is through shared educational values that we truly understand each other.

Satisfaction with our children's application results was a natural outcome given all the hard work put into the process. We will trust our second and third children’s continued growth to Hyde without hesitation.


Ms.Yao, P.G8

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